Third Party – Accounts Receivables

Third Party Receivables Management

(Defaulted Account Receivables Management)

Since GC Services’ inception in 1957, we have been dedicated to a customized operational approach for every third party collection program. We are committed to upholding the most stringent of industry standards and guidelines. Our commitment to compliance means we adhere to not only the letter of any applicable laws, but the spirit of those laws as well. Our third party receivables management solutions include:

Post Charge-Off Collections: We effectively work older accounts in later stages of delinquency, including those accounts typically labeled “bad debt,” or debt that has been worked at least once through internal collection efforts.

Skiptracing Services: We merge innovative technologies and sources with proven skiptracing techniques to maximize recoveries on behalf of our clients. By paying equal attention to the science (using technology and multiple data sources) and art (training our representatives) of skiptracing, we offer state-of-the-art locate capabilities and superior results.