From the Ground Up

How Gathering and Acting on Employee Feedback Ensures Improvement

Highly engaged employees mean excellent performance, and happy employees give better customer interactions. There are many ways to motivate employees and keep them happy, including contests, rewards, cookouts and cash. Have you ever wondered —

What is the most important action you can take to keep your employees happy and productive?

Employee Surveys.

At GC Services, we embrace the employee survey to monitor the mood of our employees. We see immediate positive impact when employees complete surveys. They appreciate the chance to provide feedback, and the mere fact that we are asking a question about a specific topic tends to have our employees improve performance in that area.

Three reasons employee surveys are still one of the best ways to measure employee engagement[i]:

  1. They are great predictors of behavior.
  2. Employees feel significant.
  3. They are a vehicle for changing behavior.

For new hires, we hold roundtables to discuss the lessons learned, the successes, and suggestions for improvement. We use this feedback to improve our training process.

After new employees have been on the floor for approximately 45 days, we hold similar roundtables. Questions at this roundtable center on the work environment: leadership, morale, appreciation, contests, celebrating successes, customer feedback, facilities, policies, and so on.

We conduct employee satisfaction surveys at least once a year.

When an employee submits a notice of resignation, we ask him/her to complete a survey before the exit interview. This survey includes questions about work environment, advancement opportunities, production goals, overall satisfaction with the job, and so on.

The manager uses the survey answers to determine possible action items for what we could have done differently to retain the employee, compiles the data into a database, and generates a summary report at the end of each month. This report helps GC Services identify trends in attrition and any specific causes over which we have control. The management team analyzes the results to devise ways of increasing employee retention.

In addition to completing surveys, employees can share their opinions by joining committees. In these committees, employees give input on topics such as implementing change, new projects, holiday parties and volunteer activities.

What Next?

The most important phase of every study is taking action[ii]. If you take a survey but nothing changes, employee morale could plummet. In cases where survey feedback is not actionable, it is important to go back to the group and share with them why you can’t take the actions requested. The fact that you listened to the employees, researched the issue and provided feedback will contribute to improved employee morale even if you can’t make the change requested. GC Services is very intentional in its process of taking surveys, analyzing the results, making and implementing an action plan and providing feedback to our employees.

GC Services’ corporate strategy centers around offering customized solutions for each client and ensuring a positive experience for every customer we contact. Our executive management teams lead their divisions through clear communication of goals and through targeted follow-up. If you are interested in having our award-winning staff serve your customers, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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